What is

Maenne is a multisensory treatment system consisting of a complex of elements, which have been studied and created drawing inspiration from ancient medical arts, such as Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Acupuncture.

What is
its purpose

The Maenne system helps to restore the energetic balance of the acupuncture meridians and vessels, the chakras, the functional systems of our body and, finally, of the organs themselves.
The goal is to achieve, if possible, a complete cellular harmonic synchrony in our organism.
This result is given by the sequence of various treatment sessions combined in different ways to create a program, that is specifically based on the client’s needs.

We specify that the multisensory system is not a medical treatment and cannot replace any therapeutic treatment. Nevertheless, through a state of deep relaxation, Maenne effectively supports mental and physical well-being and the efficacy of any ongoing medical treatments.

it works

The treatment begins when you lie down comfortably on the chaise longue, suspended in a universe of sound, tactile and light vibrations. These vibrations, due to their synergistic and concordant activity, simultaneously stimulate different sensory channels, auditory, visual and body-tactile, giving unparalleled relaxation. The multisensory experience can be completed and made unique by the olfactory setting, created by the fragrances that have been selected for Maenne.

Maenne is a lifestyle

Sounds, colors, vibrations to reconnect with yourself

The catalogue

All Maenne cycles

Here you can download the brochure listing the treatment cycles of Maenne multisensory stimulation system, with the purpose of deep relaxation and mental and physical well-being.

1 Simple Cycles
2 Harmonization Cycles
3 Organs
4 Acupuncture Meridians
5 Psyche
6 Binaural Sounds
7 Global Cycles
8 Balancing Cycles
9 Biological Systems
10 Chakra Cycles
11 Support Cycles
12 Chromotherapy

How Maenne was born

The inventor of Maenne is Dr. Marco Battistoni who, for more than 30 years, has developed his research and study work in the field of vital energies that support our well-being. It is a path based on the examination of those ancient medical arts, that have always studied life energy, called "Chi" or "Life Breath" or "Prana," and the frequencies that are able to maintain or restore the balance of the energetic flow in our organs.

Together, we are stronger than ever.

There have been crucial professional partnerships in the creation process of Maenne.

Mr. Studio's Luigi Bruti made all the sound tracks of Maenne, which are the true cornerstones and foundation of the system. These tracks are capable of perfectly resonating with the biological rhythm of our organs, organ systems, and acupuncture meridians, allowing them to remember and restore their physiologically correct frequency.

Another synergy is the one with Arking Consulting's engineers, who are expert in home automation and programming. They worked effectively on the perfect synchrony and informational consistency between sound and light emissions, that are basic conditions for the tratment efficacy.

The result of the collaboration with Valverbe and its exclusive "Terrae Monaci" line is the selection of fragrant and medicinal herbs that enable the Maenne System's multi-sensory experience to be fully completed.

At the end of 2018, as a result of a three decades accurate work, we began the construction of Maenne supporting structure, which was then concluded in May 2019 with the first official test.


Marco Battistoni, the inventor

Dr. Marco Battistoni graduated in medicine and surgery from the University of Bologna. He has always been approaching a different way of understanding medicine and dentistry. He believed firmly in an all-round approach to the patient and in finding a medical therapy, that could be both effective and as free as possible of warnings and contraindications. Thus, he began his training in the unconventional medicine field by studying phytotherapy and then electroacupuncture according to Voll. After this, he approached homotoxicology, homeopathy, chromotherapy, spa therapies, acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine, ayurveda, foot reflexology, Bach flowers, aromatherapy and tibetan singing bowls. Since 1992, he has published several volumes and articles in Italian and foreign journals and has begun his dissemination and research activities, that led him, after 30 years of work and study, to the creation of the multisensory stimulation system “Maenne.”

Download "Human Frequencies"

Learn more about Maenne, download Dr. Marco Battistoni's booklet and read about the birth of the Maenne multisensory stimulation system.