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The Multisensory System

Maenne is a multi-sensory treatment system consisting of a complex of elements, designed according to various ancient medical arts. The purpose of Maenne system is to restore the complete cellular harmonic synchrony of our organism.

Lying comfortably on the chaise longue, you are suspended in a universe of sound, tactile and light vibrations. Thanks to their synergistic and concordant activity, these vibrations simultaneously stimulate our auditory, visual and body-tactile sensory channels, ensuring an unparalleled relaxation.

Maenne, a lifestyle

Sounds, colors, vibrations to reconnect with yourself.

"Maenne is the synthesis of a course of study and work that lasted over thirty years. This system combines our knowledge about epigenetics, quantum physics, neuroscience, with that of ancient medical arts, sound baths and chromotherapy, which stimulate all our senses with a unique and coherent message, thanks to the sound, light, tactile, olfactory and taste frequencies."

Dr. Marco Battistoni

Inventor of Maenne Multisensory System

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Maenne Experience

The story of those who have seen, known and experienced the Maenne multisensory system. Impressions, considerations and feelings that came from different experiences and needs.

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